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Orders, Substitutions, and Shipping

Orders will ship around the 1st of April unless otherwise requested.  Orders are normally shipped out on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure the tubers don't sit in the post office over the weekend.

All orders should be placed through the website. 

We will not substitute without permission but will refund your money instead. 

All shipping is $14 flat rate. 1 tuber or 70 shipping is always $14. 


Tips & Resources

Everyone Can Use a Helping Hand

How to grow Dahlias


A simple answer to that question is this:
-plant after the danger of frost is over, usually after Mothers day. If you live in the south you can possibly plant sooner.  
-plant about 3-4 inches deep with the eye or sprout facing upward
-support the plants with stakes or poles
-water after the dahlia has started to grow and clearly has greenery, do not water tubers, they may rot.
-dead head and cut blooms to encourage more flowers



We love dahlias as much as you do. Let us help you add some beauty to your garden!

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We’re Garden People

Our Story

We are a group of Dahlia enthusiasts who have been growing for a number of years located in a small quiet town in the Great Smokey Mountains. We are not professionals, we are not farmers, but we LOVE dahlias. We decided to spread the love to help further our passion.
We will send you tubers that are healthy. If there is issue with the tubers that are not rodent or weather related please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to replace it or refund your money.

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